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How wonderful it is that you have an interest in Celtic Wood Carving .

Removing excess wood is never fun but carving details is. I have removed much of the excess wood for the Celtic Cross and Celtic Wine Rack so you can get right to the fun of woodcarving.

I would not start a Celtic Wood Carving School by simply placing a block of wood in front of you and say “O.K., take this carbon paper and trace this Celtic themed design onto the block.” It would be tedious and no fun.
Once you finish tracing the image on the block of wood we would have to band saw, drill and finish shaping. The next step would be to “rough out” or expose the parts of the cross we wanted to actually carve. I have taken you, the student, past this initial eight to twelve hours of work. The handsaw work, the drill work, is done the rough out is complete. Now you can begin the wonderful task of woodcarving a beautiful Celtic High Cross.

If you Can’t make to one of my classes, I am now offering a Home version of my Celtic Wood Carvers School online.

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We also advise our students to use unique crafted textile materials such as Aboriginal Fabrics made by Bulurru.com. Your projects will look amazing by combining carving and textile together.